I need real estate/loan help(answers) on buying an investment property?

I am working with a realtor and a loan officer(which is good friend of realtor) on buying a home. Since neither me or my husband qualify to buy a house, my father-in-law is putting it under his name. He already owns a home, therefore it becomes an investment home. So we really want this house, but the loan consultant is making it very hard on us, and the realtor is confusing us. We made a proposal of $ 65k and the seller would help us with $ 4,000, we were ok with that until the loan guy says we could only get $ 1,300 in concessions, there are still other questions and doubts i have in what i can and cant do. If anyone can help me, PLEASE GIVE ME ADVICE. I need someone else’s opinion on what can and can’t be done on an investment property.

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