I need legal advice on this issue. I had to buy a house, but he failed. The seller kept all my serious $.?

It’s a long story, but here goes. I asked last year in July in a government bond, get to buy a house by the USDA. Well, I’m 28 September 2010 were approved. They told me that chose to find a house, inspection, investigation and inspection termite home, I always. I found a nice house outside of town (which is one of the arrangements with the USDA). It was a seizure, was at a low price and a great location. I did not have much money, so I asked my father to help me and when I pay my tax refund came back in February. My broker sold, and I put $ 1,000 in earnest money and expected to inspect. Well, it could not happen because the meter was empty. The deadline was 13 December with the seller, but they gave me an extension to December 29 because the meter was finally taken on 23. We finally had the inspection and survey of 28 did. Well, I called my agents from the USDA to ask if everything was ready and she said it was, but they had not released the funds from the government and would probably be in January. My dealer spoke with the broker and the broker for an extension of the bank (seller) and they took me down to January 23. The broker told my broker that they wanted another $ 1,000 in earnest money and is not refunded if they will not slide through. I signed the new agreement for the 24th and waited. On January 20 the USDA said they hadnt received my money yet so I had to wait a little longer. I started to panic because the seller would be $ 100 per day per diem charge after that date. My broker tried to talk to the agent broker again and he was pushing for 11 February. Now, 9, said the bank (seller) and the broker told them they did not give me more time. They canceled and sent a form to brokers who then sent it to my agent who sent it to me, the form was a statement of money to the title company. I was having to sign so that the company release the funds to the seller. I was so excited. My father decided to help me get home. Meanwhile, the USDA said they would visit for about three months, funds from the government. They had heard that Congress had any problems and was put on hold. My father decided to make an offer on his behalf because we’ve already paid for inspections and investigations. The broker said that person an offer serious money has been paid to the bank (seller). I asked why the bank (seller) to keep the money and was told that since the contract does not contain a return clause, I could not beat him. I went ahead and signed the form and send it. I have reviewed all the documents and can not find anywhere where it is, it is not refundable, but only if I canceled the contract. I did not. They did. I asked my broker a document stating that all they sent me an e-mail was that the broker had sent him. It was just a regular e-mail, state who is not paid back the word, but did so in his own words. Well, we are also offered by my father’s name and broker sumbitted another buyer made the offer as well. He failed to tell us until the last minute. Well, after all other buyers, the offer was accepted! at least I lived. I feel like they have not kept the money good, as it out of my control. Can I fight against that? I feel that the broker did not share his commission with my broker, so he made sure his bidding for another client that he can keep 100% of the commission. Anyway, I’m on my credit card works if the whole pack USDA does not pull on what happens with the Congress, at some point I may qualify for a mortgage by myself. I was once told by a lawyer that I still be able to if I reinbursed the bank (seller) to send a letter. If they do not want him back, I can go file a small claims court. I would appreciate any advice.

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