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7. How did Mussolini use gangs of Fascist thugs in Italy?
(1 point)
to guard Allied prisoners
to invade Ethiopia
to draw up new laws
to terrorize his opponents
8. Hitler used which of the following military strategies when invading Poland?
(1 point)
a sitzkrieg
the Maginot Line
a blitzkrieg
U-boat attack
9. After World War II, what organization was formed on the basis of the Atlantic Charter? (1 point)
the Yalta Alliance
the United Nations
the League of Nations
the Warsaw Alliance
10. During World War II, many Japanese Americans were interned, or (1 point)
sent back to Japan.
told to leave the United States.
confined to camps in isolated areas.
given special privileges.
11. What was one goal of the Marshall Plan? (1 point)
to help the United States buy its way into European affairs
to create stable democracies that could resist communism
to develop strong trading partners in Asia
to force the Soviet Union to allow more emigration
12. During the Cold War, a major goal of United States policy in Latin America was to (1 point)
build nuclear weapons bases in Central America.
encourage the countries of Latin America to join the United Nations.
protect American financial investments in Latin America.
prevent Fidel Castro from taking over Cuba.
13. Which country controlled Korea for much of the first half of the twentieth century? (1 point)
the United States
14. How did the gross national product and per capita income change in the 1950s? (1 point)
The Gross National Product increased while per capita income decreased.
Both Gross National Product and per capita income fell sharply.
Both Gross National Product and per capita income increased dramatically.
The Gross National Product decreased while per capita income increased.
15. William J. Levitt contributed to the growth of suburbs by (1 point)
mass-producing houses.
criticizing urban life.
designing interstate highways.
providing low-interest mortgage loans.
16. A 1950s technological innovation furthered by research during World War II was the
(1 point)
drive-in movie.

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