i need help with choosing health insurance please?

im trying to get some health insurance but am way confused…what should i be looking for the most? It is just for me i am looking mainly at the physical exam cost, prescription meds, ob gyn cost, that kind…i found this one but im not sure if this is good or not…

.Annual Deductible Individual: $ 8,000 Family: $ 16,000 Individual:
Annual Out-Of-Pocket Limit Individual: $ 12,500 Family: $ 25,000 (Ded. Included)
Lifetime Maximum $ 5,000,000; In & Out of Network combined
Office Visits 30%

Prescription Drugs $ 20 Generic, $ 40 Preferred Brand, ($ 500 Brand Deductible, $ 5,000 Calendar Max per Individual) Non-Preferred Brand Not Covered, Aetna Discount Applies
Laboratory and Radiology 30%
Annual Physical Exam $ 50 ($ 200 maximum benefit per exam In & Out of Network combined)
Annual OB-GYN Exam No Charge
Well Baby Care $ 50 copay; Age and Frequency schedule applies
Outpatient Surgery 30%
Emergency Room 30% plus $ 100 (waived if admitted)
Ambulance 30% Coinsurance ($ 1000 max per year)
Home Health Care 30% (30 visits per exam; In & Out of Network combined)
Mental Health Services – Outpatient Not Covered
Chiropractic Care 30%, See benefit contract for Limitations Acupuncture / Acupressure Not covered except as an alternative to anesthesia
Inpatient Hospital 30%
Maternity Care Not Covered
Mental Health – Inpatient Not Covered
Chemical Dependency See Benefit Contract

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