I need good advice, we do not know what to do.?

Well, I know it’s a bit long, but if you could take a few minutes to read any advice would helpful.Two years me and my husband and 2 children, or moved to VA, part of my mother-in business law. We felt that all was well and they needed to help my husband, because the company is growing so quickly. They owned a house that my family had moved in and assess a month from my in-laws there. It has been estimated at $ 400,000. They decided to remortgage the house to get a loan for the company. They are not eligible, because all their personal debts, they signed my husband and co-signed. He did not finish the job there for us if me and my family to the AMT for one year and have returned home in knowledge and all was well paid. Recently they called and said they sold the company, the IRS has been under all the money from the sale, they had a second mortgage on the house without the signature of my husband took but the bank felt that it was the paperwork be faxed to sign him – we had no idea what was happening. Us Register, bankruptcy, then they go, like, I think we need a lawyer, but I do not know where to start. Any thoughts?

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