I need advise on my Bills?

Lets say for example I will be receiving around $ 10,000 i have two credit cards and a personal loan through a finance company. The one credit card has 0% until August 2011and its balance is around $ 3000 and the other credit card has 0% on it until March 2011 and the balance on it is around $ 3900. The personal loan has high interest and around 58 months left but the payoff is around $ 2800 the payments are $ 185 a month. Okay i also have a mortgage loan low interest around 4 years of payments at $ 342 a month the balance is around $ 14,000. Now for the question if i received $ 10,000 would i be better to pay the personal loan and the credit cards off OR pay the personal loan and the remaining $ 7200 dollars i would have left pay towards the mortgage so that would drop the mortgage down to around a balance of $ 6800 and no payments on the mortgage loan for around 21 months. Then instead of paying the $ 342 a month on the mortgage i could split the $ 342 into payments of $ 170 dollars on each of the credit cards. I would then have both credit cards paid off in about 20 months about the same time the mortgage loan payments would start again.
Please Help

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