I need advice on what to do about my car loan?

ok, so i bought a car when i was 19, a brand new honda fit, being the young dumb naive person i was i just signed where they told me to sign and drove off with a new car and a high interest rate. I paid 27000 for a 15000 dollar car. It took me awhile to realize i had been ripped off. I have my mom take care of my bills for me, i gave her 400 bucks a month and thought she was paying my car payment, turns out sometimes she wasnt, so i find out, i get angry and i get caught up, i forgive my moron mom. Then i get burnt twice, i join the army and go off to training, leaving my dear old mom access to my account to pay my car, i really should have set up an allotment because you guessed it she doesnt pay my car payment and she takes lots of money from me. So then i get back and my car is a wreck! Door panel hangin off, one speaker blown out, engine mount broke so my poor fit rattles like crazy! Registration not payed for! No insurance. The 8 months i was gone training the only thing i looked forward to was getting home and driving my car im throwing so much money at, then i get my orders that im getting stationed at ft. lewis, wa. Im from california so i looked forward to the drive up the west coast, that dream was crushed upon discovering my car the way it was. So my problem is do i catch up on the payments fix the car and keep getting ripped off on it, or do i just let it go and try to get something else, its 5 months behind on the bill and its in bad shape. I have about 3500 dollars to work with, a majority if that would be going to catching my car back up, i owe 14000 on it still, or should i just try to put that,money down on another car? Could my credit recover from a repo? As you can tell i dont have a good parent to go to for advice, so im asking you, my fellow internet users, to please help me? What should i do?

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