I need advice about whether its legal or not to work for two mortgage companies?

I am a Loan Officer with A Mortgage Co and offered a position to work with B Mortgage Co.

Company A is slow going when it comes to processing loans but they broker loans to all 50 states. Company A provides leads and has telemarketers for the Loan Officer. I know that I have to process those leads through Company A since they have paid for them. ( I know that it is unethical to process those with someone else)

On the other hand, I have been offered another job with another mortage company in my state but they only do in state loans and allow there Loan Officers to work from home. Is this against the law to be employed by both companies?

What I really want to do is the out of state loans and the Company A generated leads process through Company A and my personal self generated leads in my state process through B since Company A is slow going.

I am 100% commission and do not get a salary with either company.

Thanks 🙂 Serious ANSWERS only.
I am seeking advice not money – thank you for the lender advice but I dont need to borrow any money – if you have advice – please leave a comment

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