I need a reputable credit counseling coumpany for mandatory pre-filing bankruptcy counseling. Who did you use

Don’t give me a “debt management” of “consolidation” solution as I will report you as a SPAMMER.

I have already begun the paperwork for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and know it will be a long hard road to fix my credit.

This is for those who have already or are in the process of filing for BK or those who know the process well, ONLY.

Fed law requires pre-filing counseling and a “certificate”. I can do the counseling class online which I prefer. What companies have people who filed BK used for pre-filing counseling and and post-discharge counseling?

AND if you think I can get around the BK with the amazing “debt consolidation company” you are about to mention, don’t… it just shows you haven’t read my question and have no idea what the process is all about. I have no other options but to file BK right now.

And please don’t preach to me about the evils of credit or bankruptcy or how great your loan co or debt consolidation co is. I’m experiencing the evils and just want my life back

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