I need a loan or credit card but I have bank accounts at different addresses?

I currently have 2 bank accounts, both with separate addresses.

I have my main bank account & mortgage addressed to the house I own. I have a home-owners mortgage on that house but I am currently letting the property out. I have not notified the bank of this. My mail is being forwarded to another address. I live at a separate address.

Mysecondary bank account has the address of my residence as my contact address.

I have recently been declined a credit card application online even though my credit rating matches that of the national average. I have never missed a payment but I have exceeded my main bank account’s overdraft by approx £1000. I need to clear it asap.

Will my credit rating be better if I update my main bank account to my current address? But by doing that will probably change the terms of the agreement on my mortgage and the bank may charge me or do you think they declined me on other grounds?

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