i live in illinois and have a bad mold problem in my house SOS!!!! PLEASE?

i have a bad mold problem in my house found out last week that my landlord was paid back in june 09 to have to roof fixed . it is leaking bad and cause mold to form on carpet ceiling etc. anyway i have lived here in this house for 8 years now . discovered mold was growing in the bathrrom about 2 years ago landlord came over and washed walls and painted the bathroom. i have health issues that the doctors cannot figure out . i have been diganosed with ibs ,cronic pancreatitus , diverticulitious and diverticuloses . i have breathing problem told my doctor that i have black mold in my house and she said mold isnt going to hurt me . im like what the heel continue to live on with my live till i found out lanlord was paid over 15 months ago to get the roof fixed . been waiting on the roofer now for 2 months hes been over here 2 time last time was 17 days ago and which he said he would be over here in 10 day to rip the roof off. i have noticeable areas in my house where water is leaking and mold in gorwing on the carpet and ceiling . what do i do? call the city builidng inspector to come over and look at this and possiably get kick out of my house by the landlord or the building inspector . what are my right do i call the landlords insurance company and tell him i had rashes on my skin and having alot of health problems ? sos please

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