I live in california and I am about to get laid off/mortgage industry?

I work in the mortgage industry and I am about to get laid off, I live in the san bernardino, as u might know, sellers were asking for HIGH sales prices and now it seems like everything is soo slow. My question is: What kind of job can I get or might be suited for with a Loan Officers/Managers Asst./Loan Coordinator.
Please dont say mortgage field becuase it is SLOW everywhere. And a loan officer is commission only, I prefer salaried. Serious answers please
I have been in the mortgage industry for 5 years

I have a BA in Psych….and getting Masters in Counseling….right now I’m unemployed and in my last position I worked as a Loan Officer in the mortgage industry, but I had to resign because of my high risk pregnancy and my husbands job relocated us down here….however, I got a job confirmed as a Loan Officer and I’m supposed to start Monday, but I really want to stay in my field of human services…I interviewed as a Clinical Coordinator for psychiatric clinic doing documentation, billing, and scheduling making 12.50/hr and it’s more stable…one of my references called me and told me that psychiatrist just called him wanting to talk about my potential employment with his office. Although, it is less money, the Loan Officer position is more commission, but of course there is a base + commission structure, but I really don’t feel like selling anymore…what to do??? the Psychiatrist has not officially offered me the job, but he really wanted me..

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