I have paid off my loan, the lender declared that I foreclosed. Can I bring a legal action for damages?

i am the victim if the id theft, I had a mortgage, my former lender reported that also that I had a credit line. Which is not true. In addition the lender wrongfully reported that I had foreclosed. I AM WONDERING IF IT IS POSSIBLE THAT WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE A CREDIT LINE WAS AUTHORIZED ON MY GOOD NAME AND WHEN I paid off my mortge, it is that credit line that went into foreclosure.
The fact that I had received a Notice of Defaults and that I paid off my off my loan before the foreclosure.
After I had paid off my lown:
Should the lender had file for a Recission of the notice of default?.
Why did the lender did not do that but instead refused to delete from my record “FORECLOSED”.
What foreclosed? I paid off my mortgage in full. Consequntly I assume that there is a possibility that my lender had authorized a line of credit to an unknow person without my knowledge.
Does my reasoning makes sense?
How can I verify this? Thank you! Anita

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