I have never turned their backs on a mortgage at the national level, what will happen?

I do not pay my mortgage for about 6 months. I heard that if I am not available at the national level, they can not function forclosing my house. Is this true? I think it is a country are trying to contact me by phone and by mail, but I ignored it.
I try to buy a house before CA. Sellers says the contract I signed the funding period of 10 days in “loan commitment” in advance by the mortageg or deed of trust. The agreement also stipulates that if I offer it, I can not change the terms “obligation” loan without the written consent of sellers of real estate … Q: 1: I already have prior approval. How long it takes to ensure that laenuQ written commitment: 2: Can I lock the interest rate, if I get a commitment? What if interest rates, after giving the undertaking, but before you finish? Q: 3: Do I responsible if I get a commitment from a financial institution, the sale is canceled for a reason and I do not want to start getting a mortgage Your answers? and help is greatly appreciated, thank you

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