I have need some help on what some personal expenses might be for a 23 year old women?

Ok i am in a personal finance class, in college, and i need to find some numbers to put on my budget.
I need to find out what some personal expenses might be i dont nesscessarily need values but like names of things that women use every week. Values would help, but are not needed becuase i can always look those up later. The things i need help with are finding what girls spend money on like for example i have come up with haircuts, shampoo, etc. that is what i am looking for like what kind of personal needs do 23 year old women have for every week. Once i find out what things 23 year old women use then ill figure out how much it costs them each year for my project.

So basically looking for personal expense items that 23 year old women need and use every week that they spend money on. it would be best to be decently specific, dont just say toiletry items be more specific so i know how to get my prices when i look it up later. I cant just make up stuff, it has to be backed up by proof. thanks for any anwers for products they may use.
I should be more specific myself. This is also a group project so i am only encharge of finding certain data. I am suppose to figure out how many times a 23 year old will eat out each week and the cost. then i just need to figure out the personal expenses like haircuts, and things that she will need for personal living at home. so thats why i need it to be more specific. so primarily i just need personal expense items and products and other things she might spend on for herself. I dont need entertainment and luxury things either, my team mates have that topic but anything else for personal use

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