I have few immigration question?

These questions are assuming that all illegal immigrants have been deported out of the U.S (Mass Deportation).

1) Now that Social Security and Medicare are in danger because of the recession; What do you think the Government should do to recuperate those BILLIONS in taxes not going into Social Security and Medicare?

2) How is the economy going to recuperate the BILLIONS not pumped into the economy?

3) If they filled the gaps in our labor workforce, how are companies going to fill those gaps now?

4) If they were found to be a good mortgage risk, who’s going to pay for the houses left behind?

5) How are companies going to recuperate those BILLIONS lost?

6) With the bad recession and the climbing debt, how is the US going to pay for Mass Deportation?

Illegals pay Billions in taxes

Study: Immigrants vital to economy even amid budget crisis

They’re filling a gap in the work force,” Waco economist Ray Perryman said

Home Loans to Illegal Immigrants Sturdy

Study: Illegal worker crackdown would cost employers $ 1B

ICE: Tab to remove illegal residents would approach $ 100 billion
Correction: I have a few……

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