I have an ARM mortgage, which matures in August?

We tried to refinance, and our assessment is lower income than we have at home so they said we were to õnne.Ainult good news is that I have no pre-sentence payment, if I went somewhere m mujale.Ma “very nervous because I can not pay my payments go up. Any suggestions.
I have an ARM mortgage with Wells Fargo and my speed can be adjusted upward to 1.25 points in early next year. When I bought my home I had 100% financing, declining market value, but I do not have enough equity to refinance at this time. I called Wells Fargo and they told me that I could benefit from a mortgage modification. They told me to remind all of your monthly income and expenses (including any food safety for children, etc..) My question is whether they want to see that I can not afford a mortgage, he can not? Should I report expense of each of the last to believe that we are barely surviving, or should I report the bare minimum, so it shows that we are solvent and not by default? I have excellent credit and have never been late, I really can not afford higher mortgage payments. What they are looking for good change? All experiences and recommendations?

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