i have a storage rental unit the owner said in my contarct to contact insurance company company for insurance?

I did so and got insurance, when a flood occured my insurance would not cover my merchandise in the storage unit
I had no flood insurance
after the flood occured i found out the storage unit was built on a flood plain
The storage rental company never inform any tennants about this
can I sue him for this and make him responsible
they had prior knowdegle of flooding that occured in another year and never put in any drainage systems or dykes or wallls to help prevent flooding

Did they have a responsiblity to tell the renters and if so do they have to explain it is in detail
i am in ohio and would like to know which law may aply to this
also they added in the contract that they had no insurance on my items

who would be liable the owner or the company
someone please help if you can thank you

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