I have a question in regards to refinancing a loan with the same company?

hi i recently refinanced both my first and second into a new loan both with countrywide homeloans. I just recived a new payment notice for the new one, then i got a bill for the my old 1st i just ignored it untill i got a call reminding me to pay my mortgage “old first”. i looked on line at my accounts the 2nd showed pd and full but the first was still open. I called the customer service line and they said that dont worry about it, it is all being processed. Last night i looked on line too summit a payment for my new payment and i noticed it showed paid in full, i clicked on the history it showed it was pd but the escrow account was like -9k. I called them today again and they told me dont worry about it as it was part of the closing agreement. they told me both of my accounts are satisfied.
any concerns with this?

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