I have a question about owning my first kitten?

I have REALLY wanted a kitty for quite a while now. My grandma has one, and my mom doesn’t particularly care for it. It can be mean/grumpy, it claws furniture, and it hates our dogs (we have two, one it a big puppy who’s a year old, and one is really small and two years old). So basically, my mom doesn’t want a cat because she’s had bad experiences with my grandmas.

I tried to tell her that if we got a kitten and raised it with our dogs, it wouldn’t hate our dogs, and that it won’t claw the furniture and such, but she still doesn’t approve. For my birthday (early Feb) my best friend is buying me a kitten. I know my mother will let me keep it, or god, at least I pray, and we already have the whole thing planned out. But I have a few questions.

One, will the kitten get along with my dogs as long as I control them around it? (especially the big puppy, but I know how to control her)
Two, will the kitten scratch my mothers furniture? What do we do if it does? I’ve heard of this bitter apple stuff that keeps animals away from furniture, but I think that’s only for chewing… and of course we can buy a scratching post, but I want to make sure the kitty only uses that.
Three, I heard if you rough-house with a kitten a lot, it can be mean/aggressive as it grows bigger and older. Is this true? (not that I’m going to be rough-housing a lot with my kitty), but of course we’ll play. I want to make sure it turns out really sweet, though.
Four, whenever I hold kittens in the pet shops, they claw my shirt as I’m trying to give them back. Is this something that they normally do? When my grandmas cat walks on me, I feel each step it takes with its sharp nails on my leg, but when my friends cats walk on me, I don’t really feel anything. Howcome my grandmas cat walks with it’s nails out and the other ones don’t?

Also, in order to prevent that ‘cat smell’, I should probably empty the cat box every day, right? My friend suggested an automatic one, but said that her cats are afraid of it. Would you recommend one?

Finally, as I still go to school, and my mother works, no one will be home from 8-2ish (school hours). Is this okay? What do you think the cat will do when I’m gone? Sleep? I know they sleep a lot anyways… but what if it finds ‘other ways’ to occupy itself? Destructive ways. My dogs stay outside while we’re gone, but that cat will definitely be an inside kitty. I read somewhere not to give your cat the whole run of the house at first, but rather to keep it in my room instead. Why’s this? And when I leave in the morning, should I shut my door?

I know this is a lot of questions, but I’m really nervous about becoming a new kitten owner. 🙂 I’m so excited, and I want to learn all I can before actually taking a life into my hands and being responsible for it. I want to be prepared completely so that my mother will have to accept it!
She would either be kept in my mothers bathroom or my room.

Would she destroy anything in my room, such as my covers, wooden furniture, ect?
I need to know what to expect and how to kitty-safe my room. Should I leave lots of toys or things to occupy her with? Also, my bed is really tall, about to my mid-thigh. I have stairs for the dogs, but is this safe for the new kitten? Haha sorry to sound like a dork, but I’m super curious.
I would never purchase a pet from a pet shop.

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