I have a mortgage on my name but house is not on my name anymore, person responsible for paying the mortgage?

person responsible for paying the mortgage is not paying on time, he dosnt want to put the mortgage on his name nor he wants to sell the house. ,what are my options, should I tell mortgage bank that they should call him and take off my name from mortgage, what are my legalities and rights since deed his on his name and he doesnt return my calls. he is a mortgage officer and he knows everyone in real estate proffession from attorney to agent, I am getting very scarred as I m getting calls every month from mortgage company that my mortgage is due, as he is already one month behind.
Month of april alreday shows on my credit report as a late payment. please someone help me with a professional advice.

well, he is an investor not living there (mortgage officer), he is the one approved my loan for this house, his friend find me this house (real estate agent), the house is in NY, and both are in NY . I have nothing to do any thing with NY, I am from NJ, this Mortgage officer is my cousin !!! , initially he told me that you have nothing to do but sign the papers and i will get you good chunk of money in 3-4 months, i dont know what comes to me and i signed the papers.
I dont know how can I go about and what to do, initially he forge the papers to approve for loan (he put his address as I am living there in NY, my income level is also showed as 10 times which i make, thats a long story), I didnt take any money from him matter of fact I have paid 3 mortgage payments from my pocket, he promised me orally that he will give me back my money once He sold the house, we didnt have any written contract. It is a 2 family house and both floors are rented. rent is not covering the mortgage.
he puts his name on deed, but the mortgage is on my name, i dont know if deed and title are the same papers.

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