I have a case? Does a lawyer make a difference for co-insurance?

In a few words: I am an accountant and an investor threatens to sue in respect of a property transaction between the investor and I went wrong. I wrote a first letter (not shown) is the threat of a lawsuit, they are on their insurance agent. The insurance agent then wrote to ask me (his letter is on the bottom). I then wrote a detailed letter to the insurance agent that I have not sent, but appears below. I am happy with the following questions: A. Is it worth my time? Do I have a case, or even if I do not do it, could the insurance agent, or to prevent parts of court settlement to an expensive court procedure? Important Note: There are many e-mails, but we never signed a written agreement between us regarding the benefits of home and what I receive (see below) sollte.B. Can I file the case in a country, or should it be in Texas? signed (Both parties live in California), I was all the time in Übersee.C. If a lawyer (not really effective for this small amount) to make a difference Here’s the letter?. Ms. Sanchez, I am writing this letter, the circumstances relating to my requests to explain Mr. Murray and Mr. Marks approached Ron Glass to me in 2008 on the use of my name and credit history to help a little more pay a flat bottom 7017 of the Court, Corpus Christi, Texas, is to remove 78 414. Apparently they were both in serious financial difficulties. Mr. Glass and Mr. Marks have a financial partner for many years and have been together for many years of experience in real estate and its many properties. In this particular agreement Mr. Marks has served as an accountant. Mr. Glass has been an investor, property verkauft.Sowohl me Mr. Glass and Mr. Marks was also a partner in this field too. For example, Mr. Glass has bought this house from a business relationship, Scott Cohen, then sold to Murray Marks, who then turned around and sold it to Mr. Glass. They were both investors in the LLC, and they were together. They are in constant communication, even at present. I am 51 years old, but I’ve never seen a house in the U.S. I had a permanent residence in a country in the Middle East since 1994 and know nothing about the real estate sector in the U.S. States I’ve never been to Texas and had no motivation to own a home, especially when there is no justice in, especially at this stage of my life when I’m in serious financial difficulties and has been threatened by my creditors prison here. I first reached this agreement with Mr. Glass and Mr. Marks, because they were my friends, their advanced age led me to respect both, and they had a great experience in real estate . In addition, they said they would be shared 50% of the product on the sidelines of the house with me to help me out of my own financial situation. They also said they take up a fund to maintain mortgage payments and we are all problems that might arise such as repairs aufgeteilt.Sowohl Mr. Glass and Mr. Marks said, cash advance on home. This should work for repairs and the mortgage on the house to write a thesis, and to resolve the financial difficulties of Mr. Glass. Both assured me that if the house was sold, they zurückzukehren.Diese the money I had advanced to Mr. Glass is approximately $ 8,000 as in e-mails between the three of us will be documented . Mr. Marks and I calculated the exact amount and were more or less agree, but Mr. Glass refused to confirm that the money was due. He gave me verbal reasons therefor in the mail, but none have been to all records, bank statements, invoices, or could be considered. However, all means, I documented that it is transmitted, and financial records of Mr. Marks and Mr. Glass is to raise this when they where records and e-mails expenditure open for examination at the way I’ve been injured, first, and as mentioned above, Mr. Glass never money for me that I called him at home or loans. Second, I will be losses due to the mortgage on this house on my shoulders, having Mr. Glass and Mr. Marks, they create a fund to ensure that there is money for monthly payments. Thirdly, promised Mr. Glass and Mr. Marks to me that I get 50% of profits from the sale of the house after evaluating the house itself continuously. Mr. Marks has never had a commitment letter with me, but he acted as my financial advisor. In reality, the fact that he was my assistant, and Mr. glasses. He introduced himself as my accountant and said the deal effectively with all of our services and would be monitoring the whole transaction. Mr. Glass, for his part, advised me on other financial matters. This REAL ESTATE

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