I have a bankruptcy questionnaire, 10 yes/no general questions, easy to answer?

I need at least 10 people to answer. You don’t need prior knowledge about the subject, just what you know right now. State your age. Thanks a lot for answering.

1. Do you know what bankruptcy means?
2. Do you know anyone in your family or friends who have been bankrupt?
3. Have you ever worked for a company who has filed for bankruptcy?
4. Do you know how many chapters of bankruptcy there are?
5. Why do you think a company goes bankrupt?
6. Do you have a financial strategy to avoid bankruptcy?
7. Do you think your money spending habits will eventually lead you to file for bankruptcy?
8. Do you know if you have alternatives other than filing for bankruptcy?
9. Do you know the consequences of filing for bankruptcy?
10. Do you know how long bankruptcy will affect your credit score?

copy paste the numbers with yes/no answer or however you like . Thank You!

Question 6 is about opinion, so think of a short answer, thanks
question 10 , answer how many years you think

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