I have 2 mortgages, I would like to consolidate into one. What is the best way to do this? Is it useful?

I have 2 townhouses. Both are ready 15yr. Both are 6.25%. A house is probably worth $ 80k, it was purchased for $ 65K, $ 53K borrowed $ 38k and I owe him a little more than 10 years left. Other home is probably worth $ 115k, it was purchased for $ 98k borrowed $ 56K and I owe about $ 48k with 13 years vasakule.Ma want to see if it is possible to refinance a loan increased to include $ 38k loan to pay a smaller house. I want to be a mortgage, do not take an equity loan and second mortgage. Keep things simple and I’m sure kuutasu.Minu lower credit ratings are in the range of 750-800 and with his savings and investments, I hope this is enough to get a lower rate. I have enough money to pay the refinancing costs (I do not think it’s a good idea to tack on that when I received a loan of money). Kool and the total property tax is about 2.21% ostuhinnast.Niisiis, which is my best option? It’s really a small loan, I know. It was a pain trying to find someone to remind me $ 56K in my second home loan. Currently, they are both funded by the same bank. When I go to them? If that means they earn less money, would they even want me? Most of all, it is even worth it? I’m sure I can not move for at least the next 10 aastaks.Aitäh for any help.

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