I had an 80/20 loan for my home (in AZ) that was foreclosed on last year (sold in auction).?

Both loans were with the same bank and purchase money. I have been receiving creditor calls, I assume for the second mortgage. They took my home, what more do they want. Do I have any options here? It was my understanding that they could not come after me for purchase money loans in AZ. What should I do? Are they going to sue me? Am I going to have to pay back the 2nd mortgage for a home that was taken from me?

We are in negotiations on a owner finance deal. This would be our second home purchased this way. The first time the seller defaulted on his loan and the house was foreclosedd on. So, this time we are asking the seller to allow us to make our payments to her mortgage company or show us quarterly statements showing the mortgage payments being made or we could put something in the contract that says we would get all out money back if her mortgage goes into default for non payment. The seller doesn’t want to do any of these things. What other ideas could we suggest?

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