I got in an auto accident, need advise.?

OK, on late september of 08 i got in an auto accident. I was getting off work it was late already and i was almost home. Im going on a 45 MPH road and i have a green light. As im crossing the intersection some guy did not stop on his red light and hits me going easily 45 MPH on my right side of my car. The car is totaled and if I would have had a passenger that person would have been severely injured or mabie dead just so you can have an idea how hard this guy hit me. Police came and evrything the guy recieved a ticket for not stopping and i did not recieve a ticket at all. I eaven had a witness on the police report. Now my dad told me to still go to the hospital just incase. so the hospital bill came up to like 700 total. My dad said the guys insurance has to take care of the bill. So I haved talked to the guys insurance and its like it seems like they dont want to pay its hard to get a hold of them. Im not the type of persons who likes to sue but its getting annoying getting bills from the hospital and telling me i will go to collections if i dont pay. The guys insurance say they will pay and that they will send me a check that they do not pay the hspital directly. Im just really annoyed by all this its been almost 4 months and im tired of wasting my time being on hold for 30 minutes each time i call them just so it leads me to their voice mail only. I dont want no money back I dont need them to give me money, I just want them to pay the bill thats it im not asking for more. Why shouold I pay a bill when I was not at fault? Im thinking of getting a lawyer is this a good idea what should I do? I have never been in this situation so any advise will be very helpful thank you.

This guys insurance is called American Access Casualty Company located in Chicago. From reviews I have seen online they are not the best on handling situations like this.

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