I found I potential buyer of my house. Should I still use a realtor?

We have not yet signed a contract with our realtor yet. The realtor recommended someone at a local bank to help us get a preapproval for a mortgage loan. We are going to sell our house and buy another one. I talked with the person at the bank for a while. She told me she didn’t want to do this behind the realtor’s back but she has friends who are looking for house in my town at the price range that my house is going to for sale at. She asked if she could give them my phone number. I said yes. She also said they are already preapproved for a mortgage. Now my question is if I should still use my realtor for this transaction or just pay her some sort of finders fee, or don’t worry about her at all. I still have not signed anything yet with the realtor. What is the right thing to do? This is only if these people decide to buy our house.

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