I do not know if it was better for me to buy a house?

Four years ago, I declared bankruptcy (Chapter 7) – where the good and the collection agencies finally caught up with me years after I was young and stupid. I am now 30, has completed a bachelor’s degree, working on my master, and have a good steady job. My credit score is 718 now (and slightly increasing each month), I have three large and two credit cards from department stores to total approximately $ 400 each. My car is paid for. My only major expense is the time to repay their student loans $ 30,000 (consolidated). What is my life and credit back on track, if it is the best time for me to think about buying a house? My grades are better and higher than the national average …. But how bankruptcy hurt me if it is not possible to obtain a mortgage or pay the high interest rate? Should I wait until my score is higher at some point? Should I wait until the bankruptcy is my report (6 years older)? Where can I refinance after that? Thank you!

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