I cosigned student loan will count for my children against me when applying for a mortgage?

Currently employed with a good income. However, I planned to leave my job, my order would be the transition to a new career soon return to grad school full time and possibly beginnen.Kürzlich your student loans or grants for the support my parents any Suddenly interested in a mortgage (second) on a retirement home now w. Intentions of the movement has finally (after selling the current house could w / in 5 years.) My parents will not be approved if they are to me as a co-signer on the mortgage for new home bekommen.So of all I want to help, I do not know if at the beginning of my future students for grants / loans approved verhindern.Ich get different comments and opinions. I know that student aid is different from a mortgage and all, but its against my credit rechnen.Kann can this ruin my credit card? Does it tell me a good loan for graduate school? appreciate usw.DRINGEND BACK! THANK YOU! Oh just want to say that I currently pay ~ 15k of debt with a mixture of aid and other st credit card balance, etc.

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