I closed some credit cards because of expensive anual fees want advise on what this will do to my credit score?

I had a cc with orchard bank with a credit limit of 300 at the same time I had a cc with household bank with a credit limit of 300 both had annual fees of $ 49. I also had a cc with credit one my limit with credit one grew to be 700 the first increase with credit one but the increases came with a fee of $ 19.95. I had a 79.00 anual fee with credit oneI had all three of these credit cards for about four yes. I was never late, ever my credit score improved so much that last week I received a 5000.00 cc from cities bank. The entire time that I had orchard and household I never received any increases I would call and they would say sorry but were not doing increases. I transfered my balances to cities bank with a zero Apr for 18 months. I wanted to keep my orchard, household and credit one because of the history but I didn’t want the fees so I called and asked them to remove the fees and they lectured me on how the annual fee was to maintenance the account, they agreed that I had been an excellent customer but that they could not remove the fees. My cities has a zero annual fee. I closed all three accounts because the annual fees are coming up in june. My credit score is a 670. Wanted to make sure that I did the right thing

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