I can get a mortgage loan for $0 down, should I invest my money else ware, or should I place a down payment?

I am in the Army, and am going to use my VA loan. This gives me the ability to get a mortgage loan with $ 0 down. Since I am coming back from deployment soon, I have saved up some extra cash. I am wondering if I should get the VA loan, and just slowly pay of the loan while I invest my extra cash somewhere. I will most likely be in the military for five more years, so I was thinking that’s how long I would like to invest the money, just in case I need it for when I get discharged. I am not sure how to calculate whether I will recieve more money from the principal of my loan paid due to a higher down payment, or whether I will recieve more in some form of investments. If you how any knowledge on this subject please offer your advice. Thanks a lot.

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