I am in such deep debt…?

my husband and I are 26 years old, have been married for 4 years now. Own a home, a camper, and a leased truck. We have lots of credit card debt, in the area of about $ 7,000.00 maybe a bit less. We have a truck lease, our camper payment is 250 a month, plus a home equity loan that is like 460 a month….we did work on the house. Needless to say, we fork out MORE than what comes in. we have awful credit now, because we cant keep up with the bills, creditors call, cancellation notices come in, we are gagging….We are young, and in the past few years spent stupidly, we are not ashamed to admit that. we have learned our lesson for sure, and DO NOT do it any more…problem is we are going to suffer for YEARS because of this. We are now expecting our first child. We NEED to consolidate EVERYTHING or somehow get out of our mess..Bankruptcy is NOT an option, we spent this money we will pay it back. Please just tell us the BEST consolidation companies, with good rates, that wont scam us.

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