I am happy to be a legitimate mortgage broker, but must seek advice or a mentor?

Right now I work for a mortgage broker as an assistant, but I’m impatient with my own ready to begin. I need a mentor who can at least advise me some useful when it comes to mortgage advice and mediation practice in California. Personally, I do not want to be rich Selbstständige.Es makes me sick when I see repeats loans charge more points, then they deserve. Is there someone here who can help me?
When I was 19, I had managed to get a job as assistant to a mortgage consultant erhalten.Wenn got the job (by conviction and even if I’m good) I felt over the world . At the age of 19 years, so I thought $ 32,000 / year and that was pretty good, I do. At first I felt a strong sense of respect for my boss. But now he treated me like crap, has recognized our processor incompetent that every time they screw up they blame me easily, and it does. Even if I prove my case … I’m not an “I’m sorry” after receiving very very insulting e-mails like: “I work sooo hard to build my reputation, and I will not be everything, including you, to ruin.” The thing Funny thing is, he wants me to work for him for at least 3 years. I mean, I’m out of the way for him and he knows it. I sometimes work on Saturdays (and I do not pay because I am employees) and many times came at the beginning of the end or leave it, even with its loan to him helfen.Aber what bothers me even more is that the former assistant has received $ 10,000 more, only because she had a university degree … But I know more than they do and do it well, but get less benefit when a high school diploma is not in this business deal. I feel bad, given the numerous personal attacks he throws at me: “Are you concentrate solely negligent or lazy or just do not please tell me what I can find, or at least the rule that you don ‘ are not hindered spiritually. ” Or “I can not wait for the day when you really what I want” — all these comments have been observed due to an error, the processor and often things beyond my control waren.Ich sense wrong, I do not I need this to work at home. I mean if weine.Ich does not want me Why did not he get rid of me … then he comes and gives me a bonus check … What about him going … I know he had Psycho.Ich before, at some point my own mortgage broker has become, and treat human right, as I understand this feeling terrible pain … but I need help …. Some advice … PLEASE I need this person work for a while last longer, until I get my license … “M ichich as anyone out there in the same boat in Burbank, CA

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