I am applying for an FHA home loan, why does my loan officer need the past 2 1040’s?

My spouse owns a small rental property and is not working right now. She is a stay at home mom. My name is not on that mortgage. I will be a first time buyer. If it matters my med fico score is 599. She is not making any money from the rental. The renters are paying the exact mortgage and they have been late a few times. I have heard of the past 2 W2’s, but never the 1040’s. Can anyone shed some light on this? Thank you
… I don’t need any lectures. I’m not a child. I just wanted some clarifications and it was to late to call him back. For the ” Realtors ” out there, I hope you are not as condensending to your clients. For those of you who are responding w/ helpful answers … thank you

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