I am a victim of mortgage fraud, what are my options?

My wife and I bought two investment houses to rent in August 6th When we signed, we could know the manufacturer, the appraiser and the loan officer turned to us all. The assessment was inflated, the size of houses do not even have to assess the size of the country and the loan officer had lied about all of our app (including that they would be both the principal residence ). We found all this after we had a great person rank USBank Mortgage examine anything they did after we suspected. We are manufacturer and a loan officer, the manufacturer has signed an agreement to deed the house to redeem the loan amount. Of course, the agreed date has come and gone. All persons involved in business today. Since two of our credit ratings are appoaching 800, we tried to stay afloat. To take the cake, we had to pay for all construction professionals hire subcontractors, plus interest and costs of the 06th Summer What are our options at this point? Please aidake.Me knew, the broker said the homeowner. We asked many people, and all the consequences of doing so, the broker said that the worst case senario is attached to refinance lenders. No fines to imprisonment, etc. Believe me, we have repeatedly requested. even family members entrusted to us, we do not worry. They said one broker, who would suffer the consequences. Like everything else, it manufactured, we will not know until the trained eye looked at our documents. Second, the assessment was greater than a few feet. The amount given is true and is 1415sf 1125sf. The rooms are nice, but he says the two patio / deck, which are missing. When the house was empty for a short time we found the original plans to build a closet and stuffed, of course, is now. Finally, as I said, none of the three parties, who leaned forward to get there is the firm enam.Ma say we had a huge impact assessment when deciding to buy. We would not have bought the price we would have known was full.

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