I am 20yrs old and I want to know how to Residential Mortgage Loan Officer? Need a mentor.?

I worked as Assistant Loan Officer for the last two years and I decided to be a loan officer in a timely manner. But my current employer, I know I would not have time or day for help, even if he and three others were helped enormously 10 years ago …. I am happy to be like them also wollen.In, I am attending an online university publications, because I work and help my family … 40-50yrs/week Now I know that in time, good people and good luck … I could be a loan officer instead of success. My future goal for the next 10-15 years with a mortgage broker and lead a small but productive Büro.Ich not see to be rich and not just live a comfortable life. I do not want to be a loan officer or fraudulent … I have two loan officers saw career down the drain because of fraud in their Kredite. I speak Spanish … I’m in Los Angeles, CA

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