Husband to Wife Deed and Mortgage transfer in Washington State.?

Long story, but my mom wants to get my dad off any joint responsibilities and assets. He will agree to do so under the circumstances, but what is the process in Washington State?

They own a business and refinanced two properties under the same mortgage as the business. They have joint ownership of all, but she makes all the payments and is pretty much the ONLY responsible one.

My mom does not want to refinance the mortgage.

My question: Is there a deed even if they still owe the bank for the properties? Should my mom first have my dad’s name taken off the business and then talk to the bank about taking my dad off the loan without refinancing?

My dad is not stable (metally and financially) and we (the whole family) is afraid he might do something detrimental that will cost us to lose everything in a lawsuit or worst–ransom (he travels to mexico a lot).

We don’t really want to get an attorney or the law involved, we know we would win – we just want to keep this in the down low and not hurt my dad’s pride and put him through all that. Like I said, long story, but we are doing this to save the whole family.

Help, please!

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