Husband lost job,house loan will go to adjustable what next?

Husband just lost job our home loan will go to adjustable in February tried to talk to lender and they wont modify loan or work with us. We have never been late on our house payments We will not be able to make next months payments. Our first loan monthly payment is for 2750.00 and second loan monthly payment is 750.00 We have lived in this home for three years. We also went to a consolidation company four months ago and cannot apply for credit for the next two months what should we do? If they don’t work with us should we foreclose? We don’t want to loose our house but with the economy the way is I don’t know what else we can do with only my income. If I foreclose do I have to pay both loans back? My neighbors attorney told me to not pay for the next two months and he would charge me 3000.00 and get the loan modified. I don’t have money to pay an attorney but don’t know what to do.

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