HURRAY…Can you write an amusing litle story that includes 6 of these phrases, re: selling your home?

This is just for the pure fun of being creative.

1. Today I went on the market! (I really did)
2. Just before they arrived I found a million dust balls.
4. You’re offering HOW much?
5. My few remaining brain cells
6. Uhhhh……. Is that snake REAL?!
7. Where’s MattBaby? I need some comforting.
8. Touch that antique book and my lawyer will be contacting you.
9. What? He said WHAT?
10. Hmmmm…….Let’s relax and go to the lake.
11. Uh huh……Footprints all over my new carpet and handprints on the fridge……Where’s my Pepto?
12. Take me away from all of this, sweetheart.

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