Huge issue mortgage, please answer?

My husband and I have a loan pre-approved in mid-March, our loan officer said we would put 3% down payment on FHA loans. We had no money saved. We entered the first house in April and my husband has sold 4 wheels it was for us to deposit our money. Our mortgage company has given us a whole series of conditions that we anticipated, we were near the house today, but they have not finished our circumstances. Yesterday, after experiencing all month, if we do not make a payment to the bank until early April, our loan officer told us that our loan is not approved because the bank had 60 million days. So my real estate successessay guy is looking to make an impression against $ 4wheeler was a gift from someone, because he had banked the money and because the bank did not have a clue that we sold 4wheeler. Do you think that insurance companies take this response is not that we’re trying to hide the fact that we sold only $ 4wheeler have not been to the bank within 60 days it should be so, we say that the money deposited is a gift they will hopefully do something to say money is not a bank 60 päevame put money in the bank, before entering an agreement if we had the money before finding a home. The only thing is that no bank has 60 days
My parents originally bought my house and pays rent to live in it. Now we both agreed that I should buy my parents a house and start paying the mortgage on it. I applied for a mortgage. Now, what is my next step? Should I contact a real estate agent?

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