hubby makes 80k per yr & bad credit can he loan money to buy a house?

He’s been working with the same company as a software engineer programmer. And he makes just 80,000 per year. The problem is he has a very bad credit like 520 scores. I’m stay at mom mom, dont work, dont have income. We found a cheap little house $ 18,000
If we try to go talk to the bank. Can we really get a lone to buy the house or pre-approved? the house is just $ 18,000
Of course we’re in American, we’re american.
And yes the house is just $ 18000 but need fixed. It’s a little house no basement, garage, 2 bathroom 1 bath room.
This is the link of many house that we found the price between $ 7,000-$ 35,000 for anyone who dont believe that you can find a cheap house to buy.

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