How was buying a home for you? How was acquiring a mortgage? I am going to be purchasing one soon…?

I’m buying a small starter house with my sister.
My credit is in the mid 700s and my sister has only had one credit card in her name (paying off monthly).
We have about $ 15k in savings.
I work part time, she works full time but only $ 7-8 an hour.
I’m fairly certain the payment will be less than the $ 555 rent I am paying now by myself, plus we will be gaining equity.

How was your experience purchasing a home?
I have a credit union, will rates be cheaper there?
What and how much fees will be involved? Inspector? I will not have a buying broker, but they are selling thru a realtor. Do I need a lawyer?

Please let me know the good and bad things you have encountered while buying your home. Thanks!

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