How to take out a loan without credit?

I’m 20 years old & don’t have any credit cards, have almost no money in savings, & am not a student. I drive a motorcycle as a daily driver, but the one I have now isn’t reliable. It’s made me late for work three times since it got cold & has already cost me almost half its own worth in repairs, in only three months. I’ve decided to take the plunge & get a nicer bike. I have a good friend who wants to buy my bike, & I would need about $ 1500 on top of that to get a motorcycle reliable enough to be worth buying. Is there any way for me to do this? And do loans work the same way as credit cards, where you only have to pay interest if you’re late on a payment? I’m working just short of full time (35-39hrs/week) & make $ 8.50 an hour as a shift supervisor, but I’ve only been working here for three months & don’t have much steady work experience to help my case. On the other hand, I’m living at home for free (until I enroll in school next fall..I’m not a bum) & could easily pay off the loan in 6 months at the most. I would prefer to save up & pay off the bike outright with my own money, but the cold weather is what brings out the major flaws of my current vehicle & it would be spring at best before I could save up that much money. I know I need to talk with my bank or a credit union, but I’d like to get an idea of what to expect from people who aren’t just trying to make money off of me.

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