How to start selling on ebay?

I want to start selling brand new items (electronics) on ebay and I’d like to know if anyone could just lay out the basics for me.

1.} what is the best kind of auction to list in your opinion? (buy now?, starting bids? no reserve? free shipping?)

2. } How do you receive the money? ( I have pay-pal)

3.}Where should I start? ( should i start selling things under 50 bucks or does it even matter?)

4.} How much does ebay typically charge to make a decent looking attractive listing page?

5.} Which is the best trade between the fastest and cheapest shipping method?, and where do you get the package boxes (for small to med. sized electronics) and drop them off to be shipped?

I don’t want to start my own huge business selling thousands of items on ebay or anything, but I just would like to make some extra income from a small multi-item home based business, and was hoping someone on here would help me figure out how to start off.

Thanks a lot.

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