How To Sell Your House Without an Estate Agent UK,How do Selling a House Without an Estate Agent in UK?

I am here to know that How To Sell Your House Without a Real Estate Agent UK. I own a home in London & I need to sell the home. I have been suggested by my relatives & friends as we normally see that I should use a Real Estate Agent to sell my property , so I contacted with a real estate agent who told me that they can take care of my property by selling it at best price but the problem is they will charge me a fortune , so I am here to find an alternative way to sell my property without an estate agent. This is one time in life to sell this huge amount worth assets so I need to be assured that I am getting the best at relevant spending. If there any possibles ways to sell the properties without an estate agent and you know that & that would be effective indeed then please let me know.

If that is not possible selling without estate agent then I have to go through this conventional process with Real Estate Agent.


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