How to price the sublease in Los Angeles city?

I would like to sublease one bedroom with bath in my two bedroom apt.
My hubby has been living in this apt for a long time so he has a low rate of rent in comparison to the new tenants in this apt. We do not know if we should price the bedroom we like to sublease at the market price ($ 750-850) in this neighborhood or we should split the rent with the subleasee ( $ 550)?
Is there any regulation related to sublease in Los Angeles city? and What resource we can refer to?
Thank you for your reply.
We did several 50% split rent before. However since our name is on the lease, it turned out we are the only tenants who negotiated and deal with the landlord, run the errands and so on. Since the subtenants are inclined not to split the errands of the housing, we are thinking of pricing the bedroom with bath at market price rather than split. And wonder if it is ok to do that.

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