How to manage school, work, money & a good diet?

I know thats a loaded question but truly I am having much trouble managing all of that. Here’s what I need help on:
I work part Monday thru Friday part time 9-2. On Monday & Wednesdays I have a three hour break between work and school (work at my school). I know I should be studying which I should be doing now bc I have test tomorrow but.. I’m not I am tired but I manage to come here to ask questions…but anyway, On Tuesday and Thursday is my big day I have a five hour break in between classes. Well on my break I try not to spend money which is hard bc a lot shopping around here and study but I can’t like. But I know I should be studying bc by the time I get home its too late to study if I have a test or something bc I get home at 11pm. Then in the morn have to wake up at 6 nd the cycle begins again.. But my question is how to mnage all of this. How do I settle down and do my work and now continue to buy useless stuff and to watch what I eatting being away from home. I dont want to spend any more money and I do what to watch what I eat and I do want to do good in school but im always tired always and when Im not im too lazy to do my work……. i bring stuff from home to eat bc im trying to eat smart, I try to limit my spending bc im in debt and I try really hard to study on break but its seems impossible sometimes bc im so tired.
Can anyone please suggest some tips on how to manage and ORGANIZE my time. im so disorganized and tired I cant take it.
Thank you so so so so much for helping me and for taking time to read. Any suggestions welcome tips ideas… please no sarcasm =]

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