How to get out of credit card debt?

My friend did a stupid thing she racked up 20,000 dollars of credit card debt she then took out a refinancing loan on her mortgage for 10,000 she could have taken 20,000 but only took 10,000 so now she is stuck owing 10,000 in credit card debt on top of a refinancing loan. I told her she was crazy she should have negotiated with the credit card co. and consolidated her debt and got a lower interest rate on one card and pay that off. Now she is working two jobs to pay off her debt and has put her house in jeopardy if anything should happen to her. Can anyone help figure out what she should do. thank you P.S. now the bank will not give her more on the loan till it’s paid up. Can she negotiate with the credit card co. her credit is still good she is making payments.

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