How to get back stolen property that was sold on ebay.?

In 2004 letters sent between my grandparents during WWII were sold on ebay. They were seen by a relative but by the time my dad located them the auction had ended and they had been sold to the highest bidder. No one knows how the letters ended up on ebay as both of my grandparents have passed but no one in the family sold them so they must have been stolen from the family home at sometime. Fast forward to now…I am trying to get them back to the family. I have been told by a few friends who are attorneys but do not specialize in this type of law that they think I should legally be able to get them back for the family. Is this true? If so where do I start? Local law enforcement or authorities where the items are now located? Is there a statute of limitations?
Thank you for all your help!
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Thank you for youe help…I know it’s a long shot but luckily I do have the buyers info. So it’s a start…I’ve offered to buy them back but haven’t gotten a response so I was just trying to see what plan B would be.

Thanks again!

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