How to establish credit in a recession?

I have a lot of work on credit, and making things pretty difficult for me and my wife. Not that I want to get a loan or line or credit card for expenses, it’s just the lack of even me, a home loan, better housing, or a new car if I always wanted to decide. We could marry and move on our own before 6 months, and the only apartment that we have because of my lack of credit requires a great deal of my salary I could barely enough food for the left. I do not think that currently have a car payment, because obviously I can not leisten.Wir have recently tried to buy a house and eventually pay for the assessment on a house where we were not even in the situation. Chase Manhattan, the * @ # $ % $ @ bank that we “approved” for the loan, recently changed its policy on rural development loan (the only program we were able to obtain approval). Candidates must have paid at least three credit references to them in the last 12 months. So before I can try again, would be my best chance to obtain a credit score is zero etablieren.Allerdings me any credit. Some things I tried, had been dismissed due to lack of credit history: * Wal-Mart Sear’s card * Card Visa Discover Card * * * * Capital One Card Shell Gas Card * with my mortgage * Bank loan of $ 1000 even with my own * Bank loan of $ 500 with a loan company * 300 € loan with World Finance (Who can help you advertise credit) loan officers in the companies I tried, I can credit, including mortgage company I’m establishing been screwed to the assessment at a loss. Before anyone talks about it, no, I do not own a cell phone, I can still afford to consider that I have nobody on sprechen.Wie I build credit? Its obviously impossible for me to ever buy a house, but at least I want to be tried for a better deal on an apartment. It seems that every company in the United States closed its doors to everyone in my position and I’ve never been late on a payment. Not that I’m not a credit card, I would be a way I could pay for this and that, so they pay at the end of the month. It’s just that there are no companies willing to give me a chance. $ 500 prepaid card, is not an option, I have no money, and I’m happy, even after the change because of my rent to pay outrageous brechen.Nur some add-on Figures: 1 I went through a local company that puts up mortgage mortgage but do not give you the money themselves. I received the approval letter from them, but they did not allege that Chase, the real donors had their policies geändert.2. When I was approved before she looked at my credit history. When I was pre-qualified, they would not. There are many arguments about what is, but I was full Datenbank.3. If I get a loan I intend to get the money I use pay it back, leaving me alone at the expense of interest. This Kredit.4 build. If I get a card, I plan to use it for my living expenses here and there, again did not give me the extra interest. And I’m not going to pay only the minimum payment, because that is what causes so Mühe.5. I did some research on the camp. How do I get credit without any application? Only apply once every two years?

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